Our mission

3D Labs was founded to fill a void in the rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing space. Ultra performance, high-temp materials were once only accessible to very large corporations with massive budgets. Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, yet professional high-temp and ultra performance engineering grade 3D printing services and equipment to all.

As a pioneer in the affordable ultra high performance digital manufacturing and prototyping arena, 3D Labs has made 3D printing services, 3D printers and equipment available to small and mid-sized businesses and individuals who otherwise could not afford it. The costly high end equipment and expertise previously required is a thing of the past with 3D Labs.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, 3D Labs has led the way in high temperature 3D printing, digital manufacturing services, and innovative affordable equipment options. Be it working directly with 3D printer manufacturers to improve and iterate on affordable high temperature machinery, to consultation services with businesses in the engineering spectrum. 3D Labs continues to blaze the trail in affordable high temperature digital manufacturing services and gear.

Making materials such as PEEK, Ultem, PPSU, and other revolutionary materials accessible to you is what we thrive on.

What Our clients Say

"Amazing professionalism in a industry filled with so many 'fly by night' vendors. 3D Labs San Diego was able to take our idea and turn into a reality with their personal consulting and tremendous turn-around times."
Mark Bearse
Pacific Industrials




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