X400 vs Mosaic Element HT™ Printer Comparison

Due to legal threats from Mosaic COO and Co-founder Chris Labelle, we've chosen to remove the comparison page outlining the differences of the Element HT and the X400/HTX 3D Printers.

That's ok Chris, people can still do their own comparison:

Please visit the mosaic manufacturing website at https://www.mosaicmfg.com/products/element-ht and download the spec sheet.

Here you can compare the 3D Labs lineup: https://docs.3dlabs.io/en/specifications/HTX

After comparing the 2 spec sheets, you can make an informed decision and draw your own conclusions.

Email from the Co founder of Mosaic Manufacturing, Chris Labelle, threatening legal action:


" Hello,
It has come to my attention that you are using assets owned by Mosaic in at least one of your product comparison pages. Link
We have a number of concerns with this page, including but not limited to:
- Using Mosaic assets without permission
- Using Mosaic trademarks without permission
- Publishing misleading information and incorrect technical specifications 
If this page is not immediately removed (<48 hours) we will move forward with legal action. If our counsel needs to get involved I will also inform contacts of mine at the other manufacturers you have comparison pages with.

Chris Labelle  |  Co-Founder/COO

[email protected]"

Our printer lineup stands for itself and we're secure in our capabilities. We think you'll see the value add of the 3D Labs HTX.

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