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3D Labs Studio (Stable)

Download the latest version of 3D Labs Studio here. Compatible with the X400, HTX, and X500 series 3D Labs high-temperature 3D printers.

Download Now: 3D.Labs.Studio.Installer.msi

Release date: 4/8/2023


### [V2.2.0]:

  • Major dual extrusion enhancements:
    • Ooze prevention now compatible with wipe(prime) tower
    • Ooze prevention no longer builds a skirt by default
    • Ooze shield has been moved out into an independent setting
    • New idle temperature settings per filament
    • Ooze prevention automatically cools down inactive head based on new idle temperatures
    • Ooze prevention and wipe tower enabled by default for dual extrusion
  • New plate name setting. Can now name individual plates.
  • New per plate sequential print settings
  • New per filament shrinkage setting
  • New Z-Hop modes: Slope, Spiral
  • New Selectable Z-Hop mode per filament
  • New gap fill speed setting
  • New sparse/internal solid infill accel controls
  • New First layer travel speed control
  • Allow users to turn adaptive layer height off for tree support
  • Precise wall(experimental): improve model accuracy and layer consistency by fine-tuning the spacing between the outer and inner walls.
  • Overhang improvements:
    • Arachne now supports overhang slowdown (Ported new algorithm from PrusaSlicer 2.6.x)
    • Implemented overhang fan speed for the new slowdown algo
    • New option to switch between classic/new overhang slowdown implementation
  • Support fixes:
    • Support specify support angle for better support
    • Support change brim width for tree supports
    • Improved tree support detection
    • Support types only allow selection of relevant styles now
  • New bridge infill density setting. Can improve visual appearance of bridges in some cases.
  • Arachne now support one outline on top/bottom layers
  • New calibration items:
    • Temperature tower for common materials
    • Max volumetric flowrate test
    • VFA test
  • Increase default temp for Polymaker ABS to 255C
  • Change default top_surface_pattern to monotonic
  • 'Filter out tiny gaps' option now applies to bottom/top layers
  • Improved small perimeter detection: overhang/bridge settings have higher priority than small perimeter settings.
  • New setting for small perimeter detection threshold
  • New per filament color settings
  • Fixed a z-hop bug
  • Improved gcode instruction generation for jerk
  • Fixed vase mode crash issue
  • Fixed top/bottom layer flow rate bug
  • Fixed support blocker not working on vertical+horizontal faces

Documentation and Manuals

The latest documentation for the 3D Labs line of 3D printers and software programs here.


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