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X400 3D printer operational and maintenance documentation, and more.

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We use freight shipping to ship the 3D Labs X400. Freight can take typically take 3-5 days to the lower 48 states. However, with the recent global pandemic, material shortages, and worker shortages there have been significant delays in shipping in some cases.

High-temperature materials are at the forefront of 3D printing today. In order to take full advantage of materials that boast the most extreme characteristics, you'll need a high-temp 3D printer. Many industries benefit from high-temperature material properties such as: Chemical resistance, heat resistance, metal replacement, and many more.

The best high-temp 3D printer is one that's cost-effective and meets your business objectives. The value-add of the X400 is one of the best on the market today. Reach out to us and see why the X400 is one of the most compelling offers on the market today. Contact Us

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