X400 vs 22 IDEX Printer Comparison

VisionMiner released the 22 IDEX on 11/17/2021, apparently to compete with the 3D Labs X400 directly. In the past, 3D Labs was the only high-temperature 3D printer manufacturer using terminology such as "disruptive" and "high-quality wiring and SSR's" when describing their products. VisionMiner describes the 22 IDEX pricing as: "at a price that disrupts everything the industry has seen before."

Despite these claims, 3D Labs has been disrupting the market since before the inception of the 22 IDEX. We're proud to have attracted the attention of an extensive reseller, such as VisionMiner, with our highly successful product and business model.

Our systems architecture is built by American engineers, systems architects, and software developers. We use a wide array of neatly integrated solutions to form a complete, streamlined product and ecosystem.

The 22 IDEX also makes some interesting claims to justify the seemingly dancing bed: non-planar 3d printing. Non-planar 3D printing appears to be patented by Autodesk as early as 2015: Patent Number US10005126B2

The feature being patented means that the primary justification for the acrobatics of the bed will probably never come to fruition.

We think you'll agree that the Ukrainian made 22 IDEX cannot match the value and cost-effectiveness of the X400:

  • With higher chamber and bed temperatures, the 3D Labs X400 is more capable across the materials spectrum than the 22 IDEX.
  • Our American-made heated bed based on MIC6 cast tooling plate can achieve even hotter temperatures in the future with firmware updates.
  • The X400 is compatible with all slicers and materials. In addition, the X400 boasts a commercially developed (not based on "open-source") slicer explicitly tailored to the printer. Our slicer has pre-configured professional material profiles for engineering-grade high-temperature materials.
  • Superior technical expertise and support from 3D Labs, with over eight years experience as a 3D printing service bureau and additive manufacturing consultants (used by VisionMiner in the past) for aerospace and industry professionals, wrapped up in our product and support. With firsthand control and development over firmware, software, and UX, our support experience is unmatched.
  • Our product is backed by real-world engineering expertise from many disciplines, more than just a "sales team" trying to do engineering with gimmicks.
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3D Labs X400

VisionMiner 22 IDEX

Maximum Build Volume 350mm x 300mm x 300mm 350mm x 350mm x 450mm
Max print speed 250mm/s 500mm/s (Claimed, not actually achievable by FDM)
Minimum Layer Height 40 microns 50 microns
Connectivity Options USB, Ethernet (ITAR ready) WiFi (Not ITAR ready)
Max Nozzle Temp 500C 500C
Max Bed Temp 220C 200C
Max Chamber Temp 95C 90C
Compatible Materials CF-PEKK-C, CF-PEEK, CF-PEI, PEEK, PEKK-A, PEKK-C, PSU, PPSU, PP, PEI9085, Nylons (PA/all), PC, ABS, ASA, PETG, PCTG, PLA, HT-PLA, BASF Metal PEEK, PEI, PEI Blends, PPSU, PA/CF, Nylon (PA66, PA6, PA12, etc), PC, PC Alloys, PA, ABS, ASA, Carbon Fiber
Availabe Nozzle Sizes 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm
Dual Extrusion
Certified Material Profiles
Manual Bed Leveling
Assisted Manual Bed Leveling
Auto Bed Leveling
Internal Filament Storage
Touch Screen
Touch Screen Size 5" No touch screen
Enclosed Chamber
Actively Heated Chamber
Filament Runout Detection
ITAR Compliant
AS9100D Ready
Assembled in USA
Data at Rest File Encryption
Role Based Access Controls
Private Network Print Farm Clustering
Military Grade SSL Encryption
64-Bit Controller
NAFTA Sourced Electrical Components
Onboard Computer
Thermal Runaway Protection
Thermal Bed Fuse
HEPA Filtration System
Commercial Slicing Software
3rd Party Slicer Compatible
Touch Screen User Interface
Web Interface
Gcode Picture Preview
Gcode Editing
Gcode Area Avoidance
Onboard Multi-User Project Management
Account Menu $0